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Bob Atkinson was our Lieutenant for the school year he was in 6th grade and Bob Wilbur was Lieutenant for our 6th Grade Patrol in Bob Wilbur was 6th Grade class president and had to make a serious decision for a kid one day. He was in charge of dismissing the class at the end of each day.

One day a smartass kid made a big mistake when he said something nasty and made the sweet and tender Sandra Williams cry. When we were finally dismissed the entire class raced after him down Waverly St. The crowd chanted and threatened him with sticks and stones as he escaped through his front door.

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Macevicz, Dr. Gary Wickham was in the first graduating class 49 students in and says that his class was given the honor of selecting the school colors. They chose blue and white. Neumann was their teacher. Kids in school had special times of the year associated with different activities or sports.

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One time was for playing marbles, another month was for flying kites. I remember one year that the big craze was to make handkerchief parachutes. We made wooden match guns from wooden clothes pins that lit the match when you fired them and potato guns made from the used up tubes from ballpoint pens. The paved lower playground was perfect for flying model airplanes or when I got to be 12 years old, racing my wooden car powered with a 1. The upper playground, where we played baseball, was all dirt and rocks so once a year the principal would muster the entire student body and line them up abreast to walk across the playground picking up loose stones.

Jim started crying and spurting blood at the same time. He still has the scar to this day. In October my very sociable dog Buster got loose and went over to the school to play with the kids. He was accidentally locked in the cloakroom of one of the classrooms overnight. Another time spent the entire night in the recreation room.

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Neil paid men to catch lobsters, abalone and fish at Bird Rock that were served at the restaurant. Neil was so impressed by the planned trans-Atlantic flight that he named his son Charles Lindbergh Bohannan after him. Neil died in from possibly overstressing his system hauling beach cobble boulders up the cliff to his inn to build walls and walkways.

After Neil died his wife and their kids moved to a small house at Beaumont. Charles and his brother Jack began hunting for abs and fishing the tide pools at minus tides, then later became expert divers for abs, lobster and fished for eels at Bird Rock in the late s and early s. They used a 14 ft. Once they caught a 92 pound Black Sea Bass by grabbing it by the gills with their hands.

It was just floating on the surface. By the time I was frequenting Bird Rock, the Inn as a going restaurant, was long gone. Only the cobblestone structures and what I thought was always a home, still remained. When we thought no one was looking we used to walk along the cobblestone paths and went around or climbed over a wooden gate leading to a round area that overlooked Jump Rock and Flat Reef.

This was the easy and dry way to get to Jump Rock. It was a small rustic clapboard building run by an old woman who as far as I remember only sold candy. Ann Ghio lived at Beryl in There were 11 Pernicano family members and 8 pizza parlors throughout San Diego at one time. Del Heltzel Colima St. He said he had eaten too many during his lifetime. They opened a restaurant across the street.

The rest of the corner lot was a Texaco gas station in with La Jolla Liquors on the corner. Fritz owned a ? The station vehicle was a blue Ford Pickup truck that held 2nd place record for its class at 96mph in I worked part time at the station for a couple years while attending San Diego State College and drove the truck for errands. A Texaco Station across the street was their main competition. Diane Martin Jan.

This restaurant changed hands and names, but has been a Mexican restaurant for many years now with excellent fish tacos the last time I went there in They were parents of my classmate Carol Armacost. It was the place to buy anything you wanted for landscaping your yard. Many of the plants in our garden came from there.

It was owned by the Doyle brothers Tommy and Billy who were commercial fishermen and the sons of the prominent Dr. Doyle and his physician wife Dr. Billy Doyle or his brother lived a block from the restaurant in the old Napier home and kept his fishing skiff out in front on the street. Luckily my mother was close by in the kitchen and heard me yell. She hit the fast release button before serious damage was done. Lifeguards, surfers, divers and all their friends hung out there.

Dean Carlson, a local body surfing legend and expert diver, was manager there for a while. In the late summer evenings they would keep the door open and turn the volume up to full. I could hear the Kingston Trio and other folk and Hawaiian music through my open bedroom window about 3 blocks away. It got rowdy and impossible to enter on weekends and especially when free beer flowed on Halloween night.

Patrons guzzled 17 barrels of beer on opening day showing that they were stiff competition to the Sip n Surfers of the s. Bill Hotchkiss bought the Red Mountain Inn and changed the name to the Hatchcover, but the patrons remained the same. Sometimes I took fried grasshoppers to high school for snacks. The manager was Thelma Campbell who lived in Pacific Beach. Hilo Hattie signed a car brochure for me and many others that day. We listened to authentic Hawaiian music and received flower leis as gifts along with Chrysler car brochures. Before this auto dealership was built there was a Union 76 oil or gasoline storage facility between LJ Blvd and Electric and north of Forward.

This is the first restaurant I remember in Bird Rock. It was located at the corner of Forward and LJ Blvd and was a hangout for all the locals. Good home cooked food and a friendly atmosphere made it a favorite meeting place for skin divers and anyone wanting a good lunch.

There was an ocean view from here. My father used to stop for a bite to eat or for a soft drink on his way back from the picking up round boulders at Bird Rock or Midway St. It was still operating in and probably for a few years afterwards. John worked there for Mr. Tishner from about Tishner later owned a steak house on Midway Drive.

Once we used the French Fries machine to cook a rattlesnake we shot on Black Mountain. Clients got different tasting French Fries during that shift.

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Gary Wickham says that the Beatles once went through the drive-thru lane in their wildly painted Rolls Royce. Fred was the one to call for any mechanical problem with your car. He sold gas from a hand pump with a glass reservoir. My father used Fred for general car maintenance. He lived next door to his shop at Forward. I knew his sons Fred and Roy very well and grew up with them in school. Dan McLeod pumped gas and did lube jobs at Fred Stewart's while he took a vacation in the late s. This Institute was a metaphysical organization studying the inner healing power of ones own self. It was owned by Alva. Stone going around the neighborhood knocking on doors and offering kids their first music lesson for free.