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The thing that brought joy and tears has now become a struggle to live out. The thing that deeply marked us in our soul, has now become our failure to live up to. That moment when you were shattered with the awareness that God died to take your place. Do you remember that? Now we are stuck. We are stuck.

Joseph Prince On Judicial And Parental Forgiveness—Are There Two Types Of Forgiveness In The Bible?

This is why many Christians live defeated lives. What happened? How can this be?


It brought us freedom. It forever impacted us. Again, we must focus on what God does. Paul was saying, you live in amazing freedom from sin. A whole new country. Stay in that freedom. When you go under the water, it represents the burial of Jesus. When Jesus died He killed the power of sin with Him. When you die to your sin and selfish agenda, you kill the power of sin in your life too. When you come out the water, it represents the resurrection of Jesus. He is saying sin has spiritual power.

Forgiveness Prayer

Grace has spiritual power. When you die to your selfish agenda, you kill the power of sin in your life. Do you see it?

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Just a quick point. Discipleships are great. Genuine forgiveness is a self-initiated mystical act that requires the assistance of grace to release you from the compulsive and often self-righteous chatter of the ego, which continually enforces a position of entitled anger or hurt. Forgiveness is not the act of releasing the aggressor, though it is usually interpreted this way.

A genuine act of forgiveness takes place in the inner landscape where your disappointed, hurt, abused, or angry ego confronts your soul, which holds to a cosmic template of justice. The ego wants to hold another person responsible for why certain events in your life turned out as they did or for why you were hurt or treated unfairly. Understanding the essence of forgiveness is one of the most deeply healing and liberating gifts you can give to yourself.

From a cosmic perspective your life is far more complex than you can measure by the influence of one or two relationships. There is a higher law that rules the spirit, a mystical law that holds no allegiance to the laws of religion. Reach deep into your soul and surrender to that which your ego cannot comprehend. The greatest challenge is to forgive those who you could so easily justify retaliating against, for when is your mind so clear of illusions that you truly grasp why events happen as they do?

While they were wrong in their actions and words toward me, I have also been wrong in my sinful responses toward them.

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  • Your Word says that Jesus was bruised for our transgression, and by His stripes we are healed. Take from me any pain I have been holding onto in regard to this person. I confess the sin of judging them and their specific offenses against me. Forgive me for the anger and hatred I have had in my heart against them.

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    • Thank You for forgiving me through the blood of Jesus. I choose to forgive and release them of all my judgments. I let go of all bitterness, resentment, and ungodly attitudes.

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      All judgment belongs to you. Your power and grace are at work in me.

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      I receive all Your gracious work in my life and choose to live in tune with Your heart for this person. Declaration Of Release Now that you have asked God to forgive you, a declaration of release is needed. Release is spoken to the offender, whether they are present or absent, living or dead. It recognizes that our words and actions have bound them and, equally as important, bound us to the offending person. It is often very liberating to speak or write this release to them if we can. Because Jesus Christ is my Lord, I free you from my judgments and sinful responses.