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We also rent boats as well.

Side trips from Islamorada

If you have boating experience and meet the age requirements, we can get you out on the water today. So remember for a Special Nautical Adventure or boat rental, call us today for more info. Skip to content. Nautical Quest Adventures in Key Largo. Lovely day on the water Starting over!!!! In key Largo Florida Wonderful day on the water with nauticalquestadventures. About your Captain "As a captain and a boat owner myself, I have had many years of boat operations and fun on the water with my family.

I have had the opportunity to work in the fire fighting industry and emergency medical field for many years. I feel this has also given me a special opportunity to make me a well rounded Captain. I will take care of your family and friends. Safety will always be my to priority. I am also as good above the water as I am under.

I have been a certified diver since the age of Later on my fire fighting career I was able to further that diving experience by joining the fire department dive team.

Key Largo Fishing Charters

This led me to become a rescue diver and then a dive master. We have to get people into the mindset that the keys are open for business. We are still getting calls asking if we are open. Ocean Divers operates five dive vessels. Two out of the Marriott location bayside including their 29 foot Island Hopper and a 45 foot catamaran.

At their ocean side location Ocean Divers operate two 46 foot Newton dive boats one 42 foot Newton.

Air tanks remain aboard ocean side boats, filled by whips that run to a console directly from their fill station. Nitrox is also available. Staff carry tanks to the boat when divers choose to use Nitrox. We try to run a reef trip and a deep trip every morning and afternoon. We mix things up. We just celebrated Earth Day with a clean-up. Divers recovered pounds of trash. We do spearfishing, lion fish hunts, photography trips. We try to be open to what people want. We offer coral watching dives when spawning occurs. Holiday Divers, owners of Divers Direct stores and other dive related enterprises, also own Ocean Divers.

While we have a close relationship with them I do not push Divers Direct. We have many shops that book their trips with us. They would not appreciate it if we directed their customers to another store. He is an affable man that loves diving and enjoys interacting with people. How good a job do we do? We do a great job.

Our air quality is tested every three months by a diagnostic lab.

Feeding Tarpon in the Florida Keys! Islamorada & Key Largo Day Trip from Miami, FL

The benefit we have being associated with Holiday Divers is that we rotate our gear every year. All our equipment is new every year.


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We send our used equipment to Divers Direct where it is serviced and sold as used. Our rental gear is always new. We introduce people to turtles. Our shop manager Andrea is an enthusiastic diver. A man wanted to take his son on a birthday dive. Andrea made it happen.

Adventure Awaits

When they returned the boy said it was his best birthday ever. Captain Tom Abend took us out to Molasses Reef. A large hammerhead shark had been sighted that morning. Captain Abend made no promises. He asked the divers whether they wanted to give it a try. There was unanimous agreement. Once overside dive instructor Alisia Carlson, known as Al, guided us below. A small Caribbean reef shark zipped past keeping respectable distance. Then, over a large reef outcropping, two seven foot Caribbean reef sharks swam toward a gigantic dark shape.

The large hammerhead swam in toward the smaller sharks then veered away out of sight. Alisia signaled for divers to descend onto sand and wait patiently. In a few moments the large hammerhead loomed before us, swam in an arc and was gone. Ocean Divers instructor Eliza Jones was on the surface snorkeling with her camera.

Eliza had it on a long wand. She free dived down and was able to capture stunning video of the hammerhead that Andrea posted on Ocean Divers facebook page. Molasses reef was resplendent with tropical fish. Adults and juveniles.

Marine turtles seemed to want to pose for pictures. Divers with cameras found life abundant on the various reefs surrounding Molasses tower. There was physical damage to hard corals, however, nature will find tumbled and broken coral heads and ledges substrate for new growth in time. Several reef dives confirmed healthy, vigorous coral reefs with abundant marine life.

Lobsters seemed tame inside protection of the marine sanctuary, confidently parading for divers to see but not touch. Wreckage from ancient ships that struck the reef remain on the bottom creating substrate for sea fans and brightly colored sponges.

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Reefs offshore of Key Largo were resplendent, healthy, living ecosystems. What damage Hurricane Irma caused is part of a natural evolution that creates a barrier to fierce ocean events set in place eons ago.

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Visitors to the Florida Keys require accommodations and food. To this end Bobby Stoky caters to tastes in convivial atmosphere at his restaurants. US 1 is called Overseas Highway in the keys. As its name implies Sundowners is the place to go evenings to enjoy libations, good food and amazing sunsets. Seating at Sundowners can be outside on their Bayfront patio or inside in air conditioned comfort.