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All witnesses—even those who pierced him with bullets—are coming to know him. All families in the world will come to mourn him. Yes, truly! Next, echoing off my cave I hear a Proclaimer herald command:. What you hear record in a Book of Revelation and publish for the seven Faiths:. At this, I turn to see the herald who is speaking with me. Turning, I recognize:. Seven splendid Revelations arrayed in unity. Amid these united Revelations arrayed in unity, a Divine Human-Being promoting complete virtue; bearing splendid love; his head, meaning his hair, white from suffering, shining like snow; his spirit blazing divine love; his justice glowing reward and gleaming punishment; his words broadcasting abundant teachings; his power uniting seven brilliant Teachers; his verses projecting perceptive wisdom and truth; and his advent emanating the glory of God in its full power.

As I see him, I submit to him stunned. But he restores me with his power, reassuring:. Do not feel afraid. And I bring new remedies for atheism and its unbelief. The visions of me that you are seeing,. The visions that are about to manifest, and. The visions that are due to happen after these events.

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As for the hidden intent of the seven brilliant Teachers that you see my power unite and as for the seven splendid Revelations arrayed in unity: The seven brilliant Teachers are Messengers of the seven Faiths and the seven Revelations arrayed in unity represent their seven Faiths. Comments by verse number :.

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Inscription and Subscription : A Revelation, John is the traditional title-author inscription that opens Greek scrolls, just as it will also form the closing subscription. Messiah is its Hebrew equivalent vv. He takes the definite article the at this very first mention of him as the Angel of His makes him special.

This makes them special out of already scores of Christian churches in the Turkey of AD The beauty of their appearance cannot be expressed Their raiment is not woven, but white as that of the fuller, according as I saw on the mountain where Moses and Elias were. Our Lord showed at the transfiguration the apparel of the last days, of the day of resurrection, unto Peter, James and John the sons of Zebedee, and a bright cloud overshadowed us, and we heard the voice of the Father saying unto us: This is my Son whom I love and in whom I am well pleased: And being afraid we forgat all the things of this life and of the flesh, and knew not what we said because of the greatness of the wonder of that day, and of the mountain whereon he showed us the second coming in the kingdom that passeth not away.

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And my Lord answered me and said to me: It is permitted unto thee to know that concerning which thou askest: It is also because of them that have believed in me, that, at their word, I shall have pity on men. Ultimately Peter orders Clement to hide this revelation in a box, that foolish men may not see it. The passage in the Second Book of the Sibylline Oracles which seems to point to the ultimate salvation of all sinners will be found in the last lines of the translation given below. The passage in the Coptic Apocalypse of Elias is guarded and obscure in expression, but significant.

It begins with a sentence which has a parallel in Peter. The righteous will behold the sinners in their punishment, and those who have persecuted them and delivered them up. Then will the sinners on their part behold the place of the righteous and be partakers of grace. In that day will that for which the righteous shall often pray, be granted to them. That is, as I take it, the salvation of sinners will be granted at the prayer of the righteous.

Compare also the Epistle of the Apostles, And I will hearken unto the prayer of the righteous which they make for them. I would add that the author of the Acts of Paul, who in the Third Epistle to the Corinthians and elsewhere betrays a knowledge of the Apocalypse of Peter, makes Falconilla, the deceased daughter of Tryphaena, speak of Thecla's praying for her that she may be translated unto the place of the righteous Thecla episode, My impression is that the maker of the Ethiopic version or of its Arabic parent, or of another ancestor has designedly omitted or slurred over some clauses in the passage beginning: But when the Arabic version of the Apocalypse is before us in the promised edition of MM.

Griveau and Grebaut, we shall have better means of deciding.

It seems worth while to append here a translation of that portion of the Second Book which is most evidently taken from the Apocalypse of Peter. It may be remarked that Books I and II of the oracles really form but one composition, which is Christian and may be assigned to some time not early in the second century, or to the third.

Woe to them that shall behold that day. For a dark mist shall cover the boundless world, of the east and west, the south and north. And then shall a great river of flaming fire flow from heaven and consume all places, the earth and the great ocean and the grey sea, lakes and rivers and fountains, and merciless. For the stars shall all fall from heaven into the sea? And then shall all the elements of the world be laid waste, air, earth, sea, light poles, days and nights, and no more shall the multitudes of birds fly in the air nor swimming creatures any more swim the sea no ship shall sail with its cargo over the waves;.

And then unto them of the underworld shall the heavenly one give their souls and spirit and speech, and their bones joined together, with all the joints, and the flesh and sinews and veins, and skin also over the flesh, and hair as before, and the bodies of the dwellers upon earth shall be moved and arise in one day, joined together in immortal fashion and breathing. Then shall the great angel Uriel break the monstrous bars framed of unyielding and unbroken adamant, of the brazen. And all whom the wave of the sea hath destroyed in the waters, and all whom beasts and creeping things and fowls have feasted on: And when he shall overcome Fate and raise the dead, then shall Adonai Sabaoth the high thunderer sit on his heavenly.

Jeremias shall be judged at the judgement seat, and he shall destroy them, that they may receive a due reward and expiate all that they did in their mortal life.

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And then shall all men pass through a blazing river and unquenchable flame, and the righteous shall be saved whole all of them, but the ungodly shall perish therein unto all ages, even as many as wrought evil aforetime, and committed murders, and all that were privy thereto, liars, thieves, deceivers, cruel destroyers of houses, gluttons, marriers by stealth, shedders of evil rumours, sorely insolent lawless, idolaters: And all that look with guileful and shameless double faces -reverend priests and deacons- and judge unjustly, dealing perversely, obeying false rumours.

And all of them shall the undying angels of the immortal everlasting God chastise terribly with flaming scourges, and shall bind them fast from above in fiery chains, bonds unbreakable. And then shall they cast them down in the darkness of night into Gehenna among the beasts of hell, many and frightful, where is darkness without measure. And when they have dealt out many torments unto all whose heart was evil, thereafter out of the great river shall a wheel of fire encompass them, because they devised wicked works.

And then shall they lament apart every one from another in miserable fate, fathers and infant children, mothers and sucklings weeping, nor shall they be sated with tears nor shall the voice of them that mourn piteously apart be heard? For he hath granted the limit of seven ages for repentance unto men that err, by the hand of a pure virgin.

But the residue which have cared for justice and good deeds, yea, and godliness and righteous thoughts, shall angels bear up and carry through the flaming river unto light, and life without care, where is the immortal path of the great God; and three fountains, of wine and honey and milk. The sixth generation was summoned by the end of World War II. Eliza Shepard has been the last standing member of that team.

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They prevented the Horsemen from breaking the sixth seal. The seventh generation have the same mission, but the only exception is that after the current Horsemen are defeated, they must confront a very different enemy that is even worse: Amy Calder , the new Antichrist that will bring the " lake of fire " on Earth. The Messengers consist of seven humans who receive superhuman abilities denominated as "gifts" and are tested by God to prove if humanity is still worth saving. However, these gifts are not so beneficial as each Messenger experiences the following side effects:.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. The Apocalypse of Peter! Buy This Book. The Reflections Off Broken Glass. He punched the mirror, which was real glass, cutting his thumb. Sheen also began sobbing and tried to attack director Francis Ford Coppola. The crew was so disturbed that they wanted to stop shooting, but Sheen wanted to keep the cameras going.

At the time he was fighting a drinking problem and his own issues.

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