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It was composed between and BCE. These texts were composed to praise the gods. But there are some parts of the Rig Veda that address historical events, namely: the struggle between the Aryans, the early Vedic people, and the Dasa.

The Hymns of the Atharvaveda

Like the Bible, the authorship of these sacred texts is believed to be divinely inspired. The sages who recorded the Vedas had lived the teachings and used the sacred wisdom to awaken their own connections to the Divine, the created world, and their fellow beings. The Atharvaveda is the youngest of the Veda quartet.

This was due to the fact that it seems to be embodied by a different kind of spirit.


Mostly, however, the Atharvaveda is a guide on how to act auspiciously within the Hindu tradition. It contains a series of magical spells, charms, and incantations. This also differentiates it from the other Vedas, which focus more on sacrifice and ritual. Legend has it that two groups of rishis, the Atharvanas and the Angirasa, composed the Atharva Veda.

It is believed the rishis achieved the eternal knowledge and supreme truth after a deep and committed meditation. After becoming enlightened, they composed their newfound sacred knowledge into hymns. By this may I bring health unto thy body: let the channels pour their burthen freely as of old.

Thus let the conduit, free from check, pour all its burthen as of old. Thus let the burthen be discharged from channels that are checked. There are hymns in the Atharva Veda , subdivided into 6, verses, and organized into 3 major divisions. This division is regarded as the most important part of the entire Atharva Veda and consists mainly of short charms and curses. These hymns are longer than the first division and act as a guide on how to auspiciously perform priestly duties.

What Is The Atharva Veda? Spells For Health, Success, And Beyond

At a later date, two more books were added, but they are not a part of these 3 Grand Divisions. So, what spells do you want to learn? Share it with us in a comment below! Natasha is a happy no-mad with a love for living lucidly, dancing with fire, and talking to strangers.

Atharva-Veda Samhita/Book IV/Hymn 2

From living with Shamans in the Amazon to studying hieroglyphs in Egypt, she is always on some type of adventure. Every day, she wakes up with two goals: 1 Be here 2 Be love. The pearl and its shell as an amulet bestowing long life and prosperity. Gold as an amulet for long life. Against sorcerers and demons. Charm with lead, against demons and sorcerers.

VI, 2. The soma-oblation directed against Demons rakshas. Charm against a variety of female demons, conceived as hostile to men, cattle, and home. III, 9. Charm to repel sorceries or spells. VIII, 5. Prayer for protection addressed to a talisman made from wood of the sraktya-tree. Praise of the virtues of an amulet derived from the varana-tree. Praise of the virtues of amulet of khadira-wood in the shape of a ploughshare. Prayer to Varuna for protection against treacherous designs.

Imprecation against enemies thwarting holy work. Frustration of the sacrifice of an enemy. II, 7. Charm against curses and hostile plots, undertaken with a certain plant. III, 6. The asvattha-tree as a destroyer of enemies. VII Curse against one that practises hostile charms. Charm to deprive enemies of their strength.

Charm to obtain a husband. Charm for obtaining a husband. Charm for obtaining a wife. Blessing for a married couple. Love-charm spoken by a bridal couple. Charm pronounced by the bride over the bridegroom. A bracelet as an amulet to ensure conception. Charm for obtaining a son pumsavanam.

An incantation to make a woman sterile. Charm to prevent miscarriage. Charm for easy parturition. Charm with licorice, to secure the love of a woman. Charm to secure the love of a woman. VI, 8. VI, 9. Charm to arouse the passionate love of a woman. Charm to secure the love of a man. Charm to arouse the passionate love of a man. IV, 5. Charm at an assignation. Charm to cause the return of a truant woman. Charm to allay jealousy.

A woman's incantation against her rival.

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Charm of a woman against a rival or co-wife. Charm for depriving a man of his virility. Charm to remove evil bodily characteristics from a woman. Expiatory charm for a child born under an unlucky star. Expiation for the irregular appearance of the first pair of teeth.

Rig Veda Book 1 Chapter 5 Hymn 0062 to 0080

IV, 8. Prayer at the consecration of a king. III, 3. Charm for the restoration of an exiled king. III, 4.