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Malone points out in his book Does the Elephant Dance? The old fears of the dragon encroaching on the traditional Indian sphere metastasized into full-blown panic attacks after The perception in New Delhi in the lead up to September 20th—the day Nepal promulgated its constitution—was that while Chinese inputs were being accommodated in the new constitution those offered by India were blithely brushed aside.

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And so the blockade to teach the recalcitrant Kathmandu elite a harsh lesson in geopolitics. But he probably would have acted more or less as Modi has. Nehru, despite his obvious preference for dialogue to solve international disputes, was not completely against the use of more coercive tactics. Nehru, again, put much store on his persuasive skills to keep his foreign friends in good humor. He was apparently quite good at it.

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As with Nehru, so with Modi. Geography entails India will always be the dominant power in Nepal. But Indian policymakers will also do well to realize that foreign policy of a 21st-century global power cannot be guided by Cold War era Nehruvian mindset. This article was originally published in Republica Daily on Dec 18, By Biswas Baral—. So while Nehru was secular-minded and liberal, Modi would grow up to be a doctrinaire Hindu; while Nehru effortlessly charmed the opposite sex, Modi shunned women like plague; while Nehru happily crossed the seven seas for higher education, Modi was determined to not to let foreign education poison his stout Hindu roots.

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Chinese whispers There is congruence in their neighborhood policy, too. The writer can be reached at biswasktm. Please comments here.

Nepal Foreign Affairs. NO One has joined the U. About us Nepalforeignaffairs. With an advancement of technology and digital journalism, we decided to come up with this paper in January Our aim is to disseminate information, news, articles to the people on different dimensions of foreign affairs. If we loose, he told his generals, we have only ourselves to blame. One, which Zhou Enlai was to tell the Mongolians, India was getting too close to the West and needed to be taught a lesson.

Three, there is evidence Mao wanted to humiliate India to teach the Soviet Union a lesson.

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Four, the international stars were in alignment in Moscow gave him a green light against India because it was planning the Cuban Missile Crisis. As were the domestic ones: Mao was reconsolidating by then after the disasters of the Great Leap Forward and other socialist nonsense. In fact, Nehru called for a military alliance which the US rejected. New Delhi went and signed it with Moscow instead.

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China seemed oblivious to how its own actions in Tibet had led India to tilt against it. Sadly, Chinese knowledge of India is only marginally better today.

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