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People living in Asia and Australia will not see this eclipse, unfortunately.


The opening act starts Sunday night at p. Darkness will creep up the lower left portion of the moon, almost imperceptibly.

Werewolves of Night and Day(showering in the eclipse)

At about p. This marks the beginning of the partial lunar eclipse, when it will appear as if something took a bite out of the moon. At p. It will stay this way for about one hour, and at a.

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As it begins to exit the umbral shadow at a. By a. People on the West Coast have a better time slot to watch the show because totality will occur between p. Pacific Time. Never miss an eclipse, a meteor shower, a rocket launch or any other astronomical and space event that's out of this world.

Feb. 19: Full Snow Moon

Dark skies are always a plus, but your backyard or city street will work just fine. No need for fancy equipment, as your two eyes are all you need. You can watch the lunar eclipse online. The Slooh Community Observatory , a telescope broadcast service, will live-stream the event from the Canary Islands and Chile starting around p. Eastern Time on Sunday. This lunar eclipse has been given a name that sounds like it belongs to a heavy metal band.

But when compared with the moon at apogee , when it is farthest away from the Earth, the differences come into focus. For example, on Monday during perigee, the moon will be approximately , miles away from our planet, in contrast to Jan.

But this term was actually first coined in by an astrologist named Richard Nolle, not by an astronomer. This would make sense to some ancient civilisations, as for them, the Blood Moon was a symbol of evil. The ancient Inca believed that the red colour of the moon signified a jaguar attacking and eating the Moon.

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The real king would then hide and wait for the eclipse to be over and be reinstated once the danger had passed. The Chinese believed the glowing red moon was a dragon, whilst the Vikings believed it to be sky wolves. In more recent times, many across India believe that the lunar eclipse is harmful to pregnant women and their babies.

They believe that the eclipse can affect the foetus, leading to deformities or birthmarks. A set of superstitions are imposed on pregnant women during the eclipse which includes:. The Blood Moon will be visible tonight, lighting up the sky with an eerie red glow. For how to watch, what time to see the moon in your country here is a guide.