Manual What Your Boss Never Told You: The Quick Start Guide for New Managers

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Come in knowing you and your team member may both feel this way.

The best way to beat awkward is to bring a few easy questions to warm things up. These can be rapport questions to get to know them better personally family, hobbies, hometown, etc or they can be any of a variety of great one on one questions to get their feedback and ideas. Let your team know you want to have one on ones to help them.

We can then talk about a time that we can stick to regularly afterwards. If you set their expectations from the beginning that the meeting is all about them, and give them some forewarning, you can be sure to start on the right foot.

New Managers: How to Survive Office Politics

A crucial part of one on ones working well is that you have a reliable schedule for them occurring. When you and your team member can count on the meeting happening, you can both bring things to the meeting to discuss and not let anything slip that should be talked about.

Know What You Don't Know

The best cadence for these discussions is every week for small teams, 5 or less people , and every other week for larger teams, or people you known very well. This frequency gives you enough time to make progress on what you discuss, while also not going too long between check ins.

Becoming More Than a Manager

Either way, building a routine you can stick to is crucial to the health of the one on one and the relationship with your team member. Anything less, in my experience, tends to make the subordinate confine himself to simple things that can be handled quickly. You need to give these meetings a fair amount of time to make sure you really dig into issues that are bothering them, fully explore ideas with them, and have a good opportunity to coach them when needed. One on ones should be less formal meetings than many of your others.

Consider taking a walk, going for coffee or lunch, or going to a more casual, but private, part of your office for the discussion. This will help you both relax. Especially for your first few meetings, it can be really helpful to bring a few questions to ask. There are many things that they may not think to share and you should work to dig out. This list of one on one questions can help. This is the foundation of a healthy one on one relationship with your team member. Then sign up for a free trial of Lighthouse here , and get help with prep before, helpful questions to ask during, and easy followup afterwards.

Want more?

One on ones will usually end on a high note. Even if you cover some difficult topics, the goal of the meeting is to help resolve them, and make things better for your team member. The best way to do that is to end each meeting by coming up with action items for both of you to be accountable to. An app like Lighthouse can help you keep track of your one on one notes and automatically send out action items to you and your team.

This comes from closing the loop from your last one on one with them. Your boss has decided to move on, and someone else is taking his place. How should you establish a positive, productive working relationship with your new manager? Your new manager likely has a lot on her plate, so take responsibility for establishing a great working relationship from the start.

What it Takes to Become an Awesome Retail Manager

Or you might peruse their LinkedIn profile or social media. Finding common ground over family, a favorite sports team, or a shared extracurricular activity can be a great ice breaker. Have some empathy Even though you may be anxious to prove your worth to a new boss, try to see things from her perspective and know that she is under a lot of pressure of her own. Dillon says she still remembers meeting one new report and the great impression she left.

What New Team Leaders Should Do First | HBR Ascend

Read it at your convenience. But it was so sensitive to me, so emotionally intelligent to me as the new manager.

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Do they prefer email, calls, texts, or in-person discussions? Knowing this information will help you avoid misunderstandings that could complicate your work or put you in a difficult situation. The best strategy for figuring it out? Ask directly, says Dillon.

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You can even help identify what those wins might be.